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 Smoke machines are used at parties, live shows and concerts to add impact to lighting and stage effects by providing an atmospheric backdrop for the light beams to shine through.

The beams and patterns of the lights are made all the more impressive as you can see the rays of light through the smoke. Having a laser or disco light just shining at a wall looks rather one-dimensional. However, a smoke machine suddenly gives a three-dimensional display of light and colour, making for an exciting and effective ambience.

Our smoke machines are all commercial-grade so you can be sure you the machine will keep pumping out plumes of smoke for as long as you want! With our professional smoke machines for hire, you can be sure of their quality – they are built to last and are designed to create a lot more smoke a lot more quickly than cheaper smoke machines. If you want the ability to create continuous thick, dry white fog on demand, then hire a smoke machine from Mega Vision!

We hire many smoke machines to customers who have previously used cheaper alternatives. These sub-standard smoke machines can take a long time to heat up and do not generate the sufficient amount of fog as you may require for the party. You only get once chance to make an impression at a party – so make it a good one! Smoke machines for hire from Mega Vision are affordable and provide excellent performance.

The smoke fluid we use for all our machines is premium quality – it is water-based, non-toxic and safe to breathe.  You want to make sure you and your guests have the best fun at the party – so don’t risk cheap, generic smoke fluid! It is essential that only our smoke fluid is used with the machines to ensure safety of your party guests and also to avoid damage to our machines.

Our price beat promise guarantees that you will not find a smoke machine of equal quality available for hire at a cheaper price anywhere in Perth.

Contact the friendly team at Mega Vision to book your smoke machine hire today!