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Get ready for the densest low fog you’ve ever experienced!

The MDG Ice Fog Compack (High Pressure Low Fog Machine) is a high performance, high output fogger. It creates thick, low-lying fog with zero residue & without the use of dry ice. Unlike traditional dry ice machines, our ICE FOG generators use liquid CO2 or liquid N2 to create low fog. The result is maximum low lying fog with zero residue.

This is very popular for the first dance at a wedding with the smoke plumes swirling around the couple. Also ideal for balls, dances, live stage productions, parties, Halloween parties and more. This self-contained unit on wheels allows for easy transport & with an extremely low fluid consumption, this low fog machine can run for hours at a tim. The unit can be controlled by DMX or remote-control timer.

  • Very low fluid consumption: 0.035 L (1.3 oz) (per minute at full output)
  • Use with liquid CO2
  • Reservoir capacity for MDG fog fluid: 2.5 L
  • Fog colour: pure white
  • Warm up time: max 8 mins
  • Self-contained unit on wheels
  • Adjustable low fog density