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Our dry ice machine is so easy to set up and use – simply fill it with water, let the machine warm up and add the dry ice! There is an operating lever that allows you to control the flow of the output so you can choose the effect that you want.

Many dry ice machines from general party companies do not have the capacity or the performance that this machine does. Our machine is a professional machine, so it provides a much better output, better reliability and offers true value for money. This is why it is so popular!

From wedding couples to DJs, theatre companies to private parties, people all across Perth have hired this machine for their events.

So why not contact us and book in your low fog dry ice machine hire today?!

Dry ice is not included, however we can recommend several locations for you to purchase dry ice, including one very close to our warehouse!

Not sure whether you need a dry ice machine, haze machine or a smoke machine? Check out the differences between these machines here!