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Cutting-Edge Mobile Acoustic Walls for the Most Effective Sound Proofing

Mega Vision Sound & Lighting specialise in sound proofing for events and venues and deliver innovative sound proofing solutions to businesses across Perth and Australia-wide.

As leading experts in our field, we have travelled the world to research, test and select the most effective, state-of-the-art sound proofing solutions.

We are the sole Australian supplier of the Mobile Acoustic Wall which is a cutting-edge sound absorption panel that utilises the latest technologies and techniques in sound proofing and acoustics.

The Mobile Acoustic Wall, also known as the Mobile Air Wall, provides a fast and easy solution for sound proofing and dramatically improves acoustics. These panels can be used for permanent or temporary sound isolation in almost any space – hospitality venues, theatres, open air festivals, trade shows, studios, conferences, marquees, back stage, green rooms, schools, offices, gymnasiums and more.

Need sound proofing panels? Look no further. These acoustic panels improve acoustics vastly and significantly reduce unwanted sound spill-over. Available in 2m or 3m drops, these panels can be easily hung or mounted in almost any space.

Any kind of acoustics, anywhere you like – that is the difference between the Mobile Acoustic Wall (aka Mobile Air Wall) and other sound proofing options available in the market. These panels are incredibly effective and versatile making them an easy solution for noise management issues in any venue or location.

Our acoustic curtains can be hired or purchased from Mega Vision Sound & Lighting and are not available anywhere else in Australia.

For more information on specifications and applications, please see the brochures located in the ‘Downloads’ tab.

If you have an event or space you are looking to sound proof in Perth, or any location across Australia, contact us today and we will be delighted to talk to you about this amazing product.

Designed to drastically cut your noise levels and improve acoustics, these panels are very simple to set up and one layer does all the work. The ultimate product for convenience and flexibility, they can be easily moved around your theatre/rehearsal room/studio/classroom/gym/conference space and more!


These acoustic mobile ‘walls’ are made from sheep’s wool and other materials.

The Mobile Acoustic Wall is tested and certified to the European standard EN ISO 6941 (2003) Textile fabrics - Burning behaviour - Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens.


1m wide x 2m drop

1m wide x 3m drop

Panels are also available in a 4m or 6m drop to suit the exact application and working environment.


The panels can be hung like curtains, and have a soft, padded feel with a patented filling. Because of its simple setup, one layer does all the work.

Mounting of the Mobile Acoustic Wall baffles is realized through mounting strips, these are situated at both the top and bottom end. These mounting strips enable the user to use third party mounting equipment, such as hook clamps, which can be provided by us. There are a variety of mounting and fixing methods - please contact us to inquire.


The standard color is black.

Contact us today on 9444 6556 to inquire about hire or purchase!