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If you are not sure what size screen you need, our friendly technicians can recommend the right size based on the available space at your event, the amount of ambient light, the type of content being displayed and the number of expected attendees.

All our projector screens available for hire are lightweight, quick to assemble and compact for transportation. You can pick up the screen from our convenient Osborne Park location, or we can deliver and collect the equipment for you – just let us know what you need!

If you are picking up the screen from our warehouse, you will need to ensure you bring a suitable vehicle as although the tripod screens are compact, they are quite long. Most sedans and wagons are sufficient in length to transport the 6ft tripod screen (i.e. with the seats folded down) and large SUVs (e.g. a Toyota Prado) can transport the 8ft tripod screen. It

is important to check that your vehicle can fit the tripod screen you are looking to hire.

If you also need a projector to go with your screen – no problem! We have a range of projectors suitable for any event, including short-throw projectors and our ultra-powerful laser projector. Alternatively, we have a discounted projector package available which includes a projector and screen for only $110!

So if you are looking for projector screen hire in Perth, we can help! Simply contact us today and we will happily arrange a quotation for you.