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Need us to come and deliver and set up your party hire package for you? No problem! Just let us know what you need and when and our experienced technicians will be able to get it all ready for you. Like some of the hire packages but want to add extras? We can add products to your party hire package and if there is something in the package you would prefer to swap out (such as a party light) we can offer some suitable alternatives.

Whether you are throwing a 13th birthday party, a 70’s disco, or a wedding, we have you covered! Our party hire packages cover all bases – from our Kids Party Package through to a Movie Night Package and a Band Lighting Package, we have combined our most popular products together… and even discounted them for you!

If you want to hire party equipment in Perth – we are here to help. As experts in our industry, we have been helping Perth customers to throw parties for 17 years and can provide expert advice and equipment recommendations to achieve the effect you are after. Get in touch today and let us give your party the WOW factor!