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The Antari Z-1200 DMX smoke machine is a reliable and highly efficient smoke machine capable of precise fog delivery from subtle to massive.

Ideal for a variety of settings from small to medium sized events and venues.

It is designed for professional use so you know it is reliable and will provide excellent fog coverage. It also has an ECO thermal control which allows stable output and reduced warm up time while increasing fog volume and duration.

The unit has onboard DMX control and a ‘low fluid cut-out’ sensor which stops the machine from operating once the fluid levels gets down too low. This ensures that no damage is caused to the machine if it is left unattended.

We also sell the correct smoke fluid for this machine so you know you’re getting the right fluid to get the best result for your event.

Not sure if this is the smoke machine for you? We have a variety of smoke machines for hire available so there is certainly something that will best suit your event purposes.

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Why not add some coloured FX lights to your event? The lights will capture the plumes of smoke to create a really awesome visual effect.

Why not up the ante at your party with our LED Dance Floor?!

Heater : 1,200 W
Output : 18,000 cu.ft / min
First Heat-up Time : 9 min
Tank Capacity : 2.5 litre
Fluid Consumption Rate : 15 min / liter (100% Output)
Remote Included : Z-8 Timer Remote

Antari is a world leading atmospheric effect company that specialises in smoke, haze, fog and bubble machines for global markets. Chances are, if you have owned a smoke machine in the past, regardless of the brand, it was most likely made or designed by Antari.