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Want to create an atmosphere or set a mood for an event? Our haze machines are a great way to do it! We offer haze machine hire for everything from music gigs and parties, to theatre performances and balls. Haze machines create an ambience that is wonderfully subtle and lasts for hours.

Our hazers for hire are professional-grade so they deliver excellent performance and longevity. We offer the best value for money and are so confident with our price points that we even offer a price-beat guarantee. So if you need to hire a haze machine for your Perth party, look no further than Mega Vision!


If you want to spice up your party or event, a haze machine is the way to go! Our haze machines for hire maximise the effect and spread of lighting beams and effects. In short, hazers are really cool! It is the special effects machine of choice for many professionals as it is light and subtle but creates an impressive impact.

We only use water-based fluid in our machines, which means that they are non-toxic and are suitable for almost all applications. Being water-based, our haze machines don’t leave residue so they are easy to place it at your event or party without worrying or too much planning.

Questioning whether to hire a haze machine or a smoke machine? Not sure of the difference? Well, haze machines are often considered to be smoke machines but this is not the case. A haze machine creates a similar effect to a smoke machine but is much less intrusive and much longer-lasting. Hazers create a fine haze that hangs for a long period of time and use a fan to disperse the vaporized liquid, giving it a less obtrusive effect than a smoke machine. Smoke machines are used for a special effect, whereas haze machines are often used to emphasize or enhance lighting.  

So if you are looking hire a haze machine in Perth, get in touch with our friendly team today! Our gear is the same price or less than other AV providers and you can be sure it will deliver quality performance for hours!