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Current Price $220.00

One of the finest haze machines on the market, the MDG Atmosphere APS Haze Generator is the perfect match for your event.

Its ability to produce fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time yet having a very minimal noise output makes it an ideal choice for small to large shows, theatres, nightclubs, themed events, dance shows and more.

Being a very high performance, high output haze machine, this machine is recommended for shows, theatres and other entertainment applications, and is not recommended for parties. However our Unique haze machine is absolutely ideal for parties!

MDG is the leading brand of atmospheric effects for entertainment, military and industrial markets worldwide. Their fog, haze and low-lying fog generators are known for their quality, reliability, durability and quietness. So you can be sure you are getting premium quality and reliability but without the hefty price tag.

The MDG Atmosphere APS Haze Generator is virtually noiseless and produces the finest haze with a very long ‘hang’ time.

We only use the correct fluid for these machines to ensure they don’t clog and continue to produce the fine haze that is expected. This machine needs to be used with either CO2 gas or liquid CO2.

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We can deliver and set up this machine for you and even operate at your event/show, just let us know when making your inquiry/booking!

CO2 Consumption : 0.18 kg (0.4 lb) (per hour at 1.38 bar/20 psi)

Automatic Purging System (APS) Standard feature

Large fluid reservoir capacity : 2.5 litres

Up to 45 hours of running time.

Extremely quiet output

Continuous or momentary haze emission controlled by you

Compatible with remote control timer and DMX interface

Detachable remote control

Haze colour : pure white

Fluid consumption : 55 ml per hour (at 1.38 bar/20 psi)