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The Unique 2.1 Haze Machine is a high performance water-based hazer that requires no cleaning, extremely reliable, and has no clogging issues.

A haze machine is like a smoke machine but produces a slow continuous haze rather than a burst of smoke.

This hazer can be distributed in the room quickly and the machine can fill small to big rooms with a constant haze. With its efficient fan, this haze machine can quickly create the right atmosphere for your event, from a fine mist to a thick haze.

This is a professional haze machine for hire that will suit numerous applications – shows, parties, events, etc.

Haze machines are ideal for capturing and emphasizing the effects of lighting taking the atmosphere in the venue to the next level.

If you want to hire a hazer in Perth for your party – look no further. This haze machine for hire comes with its own road case, a remote and 1 litre of haze fluid.

*Only Unique haze fluid is to be used with this machine, otherwise damage to the unit can occur

Not sure if you need a haze machine, smoke machine or low fog machine? Check out our guide on the differences between the 3 and what might best suit your event!

Heat Up Time: 60 seconds

Minimal warm up time – approx.  60 seconds so the machine is ready for operation almost immediately.

Variable output – he pump and the fan of the machine can be adjusted separately so you can adjust the density and output to exactly what you want.

Minimal noise – the unit has very minimal noise output

Minimal fluid consumption