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Psyco2 Jets at Sunrise Festival
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The PsyCO2 Jet is the latest innovation in CO2 FX. The PsyCO2 Jet is a moving CO2 Jet which blows CO2 clouds in multiple directions or creates a waving CO2 effect with its 180 degrees rotating nozzle.

This CO2 effects machine is equipped with a CO2 powered rotating nozzle and a solenoid valve controls the supply of liquid CO2 to the nozzle. From the nozzle, the CO2 escapes through the output pipe. A blast of escaping CO2 and a white plume of smoke will be visible from the output pipe. By blasting and varying the output direction the PsyCO2 Jet delivers spectacular effects.

The PsyCO2 Jets create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m high. The effect is very reliable and repeatable because of its high quality and reliable valve. The PsyCO2 Jets can be mounted in truss constructions or placed on stages. These CO2 effects machines must be used with liquid CO2 tanks. The new PsyCO2 Jets are equipped with a powercon true-1 in-out connector to power them seperately or linked in one line.

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Size (L x W x H): 330 x 250 x 165 mm

Weight: 9kg

Channels: RAW mode: 4 (safety, angle, speed, output), PRESET mode: 5 (safety, preset, speed, direction, trigger)

Control: DMX512-A / RDM, Neutrik® 5 pole male/ female XLR

Consumption: 0.5kg/s

Output: 8m