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Current Price $165.00

The CO2 Gun is a handheld gun which can blast white cryogenic fog plumes approximately 8m. This special FX machine blasts a massive stream of CO2 into the air and produces a spectacular effect – perfect for shows, festivals, dancers and professional DJs.
Very popular and sought after by people wanting to provide some excitement, thrill and wow factor to their event.

The CO2 gun adds a new element of surprise to any show and is easy to use (only 57cm long) and lightweight (only 2kg).

Spraying CO2 plumes up to 8m, this CO2 gun is an excellent addition to music events, DJ gigs and shows.

This special effects gun comes with hoses and fittings and must be used with CO2 liquid withdrawal (dip tube). We can assist with the arrangement of the CO2 liquid withdrawal.

Why not add our CO2 Jets to the mix?!

To create some serious impact and WOW factor for your event,  special FX is the way to go.

Price is for hire only and does not include gas, however we can happily assist you with sourcing this.



• Manually controllable
• Robust, heavy duty quality
• Easy to handle with extra handgrip
• Including safety lock
• Comes standard with CO2 quick connector
• Consumption: CO2 liquid withdrawal (with a dip tube)
• Size: (L x W x H) : 57 x 21 x 7 cm
• Weight : 2kg
• Control : Manual
• Maximum Distance : Depending on the humidity, approx. 8m