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The new Power Drop kit with controller is the new kabuki drop system of the future! It’s a reliable and innovative ‘plug and play’ system to drop curtains, balloon, nets or other things matching to your creativity. It is the ultimate in creating that ‘big reveal’ moment!!

A Kabuki drop is a swift and sudden reveal, using drapes or curtains that drop to the floor. This idea is for the ‘big reveal’ and exposing hidden elements that were previously concealed from the view of your audience or guests.

The Power drop kit with controller is perfect for use at events such as new product launches, live performances, big announcements and any other event where you want the audience to be intrigued and create a sense of with mystery, surprise and excitement. The drop is set up by suspending drapes from hooks or magnetic clamps that are suddenly released by a controller (e.g. positioned back stage).

This big reveal moment is best combined with other special effects (FX) to create a dramatic finish moment. Moving lights, CO2 jets or other special effects truly create an exciting atmosphere and the power drop is the final dramatic finish.

Each Power Drop has a powercon in-out connector to control them separately or linked together in one line. As soon as the power is switched ON the system will drop. By using a switch pack the Power Drops can be controlled by DMX.

Hire the power drop kit with controller from Mega Vision today if you want the ‘wow factor at your next event! The big reveal moment at an event is a memorable one – so do it right with the Power Drop kit from Mega Vision!

Dimensions : 13.5 cm x 7.6 cm x 7.4 cm

Weight : 0.9 kg

Voltage : 230 V

Power : 100 W

Service : 230V on/off or DMX by using a switch pack

Consumption/Capacity : 20kgs