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The Clay Paky Large Water Column has thousands of bubbles rising up in waves through a magical cylinder. Water, air and light blend to give continuous, soft changing colours. The Water Column is extremely easy
to install and position and uses very little energy. It is completely automatic once switched on and is a great attraction for any party or point of sale.


Super retro and ideal for 70s, 80s and 90s themed parties, or just to add that extra ‘something’ at your next event!

Power Supply : 100-120V 60Hz / 200-240V 50Hz

Lamp : Halogen dichroic lamp

Continuously rotating colour wheel: red, light blue, orange, magenta, green, pink, yellow and white

Capacity: about 30 litres.

Voltage : 12V. Power : 65W

Continuously rotating color disc

Bubble generation cycle (Interval between bursts) : 3 seconds

Duration of burst : 4.5 seconds