Shure BLX Wireless Microphone Kit

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Shure BLX Wireless Microphone Kit
Shure BLX4 Single Channel ReceiverShure SM58 - part of BLX wireless kit

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The Shure BLX Wireless Microphone Kit is ideal for use at events and small venues as it offers professional quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface. This BLX Wireless System features trusted Shure microphones and world-class design and construction.

Key Features:

  • Easy set up and operation
  • One-touch Quickscan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency
  • Legendary Shure audio and durable construction

Ideal Applications

  • Small-Medium presentations or seminars
  • Presenters (MCs, Speeches, Seminars, Gym Classes)
  • Musicians (Vocal, Guitar, Brass or Woodwinds)
  • Karaoke
  • Other Live Performance Applications

The Shure BLX wireless microphone kit includes the Shure BLX4 single channel receiver and the Shure SM58 wireless handheld microphone (transmitter).

The Receiver: simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity. One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference.  It has XLR and 1/4″ output connector and a two-colour audio status indicator LED: Green indicates normal audio levels, Red indicates excessive audio levels (overload.clipping)

The Transmitter: this Shure SM58 handheld wireless microphone transmitter delivers wireless audio with professional clarity and reliability. It is lightweight and has -10DB gain attenuation.


  • Working Range: 91 m (300 ft)
  • Line of Sight Note: Actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
  • Audio Frequency Response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Note: Dependent on microphone type
  • Total Harmonic Distortion Ref. ±33 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone 0.5%, typical
  • Dynamic Range: 100 dB, A-weighted, typical
  • Operating Temperature: -18°C (0°F) to 57°C (135°F)
  • Note: Battery characteristics may limit this range.
  • Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive voltage applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of low impedance output) and the tip of the high impedance 1/4-inch output.
  • Performance may vary depending on  operating environment.