Full AV Design & Installation

Full AV Design & Installation

Our advice is completely independent and the AV solution we propose will be the most fit-for-purpose for your venue’s requirements.

We endeavour to give you complete peace of mind – in short we save you time, money and stress by providing a tailored, quality audio-visual design for your venue.

Our commercial AV consultancy and design services include:

  • Define AV needs and determine exact service requirements/standards
  • Evaluation of existing AV equipment and assess if it can be re-used (compatibility check)
  • Appraisal of space and location and existing infrastructure
  • Communicate acoustic considerations
  • Complete audio-visual design
  • Develop accurate costings based on budgetary requirements
  • Liaison with architects, engineers, builders and others
  • Professional installation and configuration by qualified AV technicians.
  • Comprehensive testing of all AV systems, training and handover

Post-installation support (24/7)Some of the differences between our equipment and level of service compared to other AV providers, is that we fully adhere to Australian industry standards. We pride ourselves on our integrity and compliance to the various legislative obligations, safety standards and performance standards. All our equipment is commercial grade giving you peace of mind it will deliver excellent performance, reliability and longevity.