Why You Should Choose A Mobile Stage Trailer for Your Next Event

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Why You Should Choose A Mobile Stage Trailer for Your Next Event

Whether you are hosting a one-off charity fundraiser, a music concert or a community street festival, making sure you have the right outdoor event stage is crucial for success. The best and newest outdoor event stage on the market is a mobile stage trailer.

These portable stages are replacing traditional event stages because of their convenience, simplicity and the fact they offer serious value for money. From Europe to the USA and Australia, these portable trailer stages are popular at numerous events and here’s why:


  • Value For Money

Save Money on Event Hire in Perth WAHaving an event stage that is easily transportable, fully-contained and quick to set up makes organising your event much more cost-effective.

The trailer stages reduce the time and costs associated with renting and setting up large event stages that have to be built from scratch on-site. You can save time and labour costs as there is reduced set up time (only 2 hours from delivery to full set up!) and therefore reduced booking time/cost for your event space.


  • Convenience

Being part of a trailer, this event stage is portable to almost any location that can be driven onto. Car parks, reserves, boardwalks, courtyards and more, you can have the trailer stage at almost any outdoor location that you like.

As the trailer stage is easily towed, it makes transport and set up that much easier. The convenience of this stage lies not only it what has but what it doesn’t have / need – no additional ballast is required, no anchoring to the ground, no damage to the ground / event space and no outward tie down lines. That is convenience personified!


  • Ease of Use

No other large event stage can be assembled as fast or with such minimal effort. The mobile stage trailer can be fully set up in Portable Stage Hireonly 2 hours, meaning there is a lot more time available to set up other parts of your event.

Furthermore, it has a water-resistant canopy, backdrop and sides as well as a non-slip floor so if there is any drizzle at your event, you can rest assured that the performers and equipment will have weather protection.


  • Versatility

This event stage is suitable for almost any kind of medium-sized outdoor event you can think of.  Planning a charity fundraiser concert? Organising a big sporting event (marathon, triathlon, endurance event)? Holding a community fair or festival? This portable stage trailer can do it all.

Whether you are planning an event for 500 or 5,000, the portable stage is a great option. It has side wings for a 300kg or 500kg PA system and you can even hang a big LED screen at the back of the stage area! So no matter what outdoors event you’re hosting, a trailer stage has all the features you’d expect from a professional staging solution.


  • Advertising & Branding Opportunities

Advertising on stage trailerYou can maximise your advertising and promote your brand by hanging signage on the stage! What better way to get your message across to event patrons than by advertising right where the action is?

You could even sell sponsorship space and have sponsor logos on the banners to the sides of the stage and across the top section. A lot of organisations, both government and corporate, relish the opportunity to have their branding at an event that they want to be associated with, so why not capitalise on this opportunity?

The mobile trailer stage is the most convenient, versatile and cost-effective outdoor staging solution available today and it is clear to see why. So if you are looking to hire a stage trailer for your next large outdoors event, a mobile stage trailer is definitely the way to go!

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