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Perth Winter Festivals and Indoor Events

Discover the best fun, frolics and festivals in Perth

Some might say Perth is about as close to paradise as you can get on Earth, and with good reason; it has great beaches, great weather and apparently is also responsible for Hugh Jackman. Perth is a long, long, long (did we say long?) way from just about everything and anywhere, but that’s alright because it also happens to be home to some amazing events. All year round, you can rest assured there’s an experience for you and your friends to enjoy, while simultaneously making the rest of your crowd envious when you share the snaps of your memories on Facebook. Here’s the rundown of some of winter’s best events, courtesy of Western Australia’s capital city:

The Comedy Festival

In Perth, you can get your annual dose of the best medicine. That’s right, we’re talking about laughter. The Perth Comedy Festival erupts in spectacular fashion, starting with a glamorous Gala event, and Perth’s funniest and largest night of comedy.

Here, Australia’s up and coming talent, finest acts and some of the best comedic stars the planet has to offer, gather under one roof in a night of abdominal stretching humour.

Each year is bigger and better than the year before, offering stand up, satire, improvisation, musical, magic and a host of other forms of comedic relief.So if you want a smile on your dial, be sure to check it out! .

Christmas in July

That isn’t a typo. Australia really does enjoy two Christmases. All the hallmark tell-tale signs of Christmas are plain to see in July; the flurry of shoppers rushing to stores far and wide (can you say mid-year sale?), the mulled wine flowing (yes, really) and the beautiful coloured lights that are put up in homes (head to the Mandurah canals for the best Christmas in July lights!)

It is the epicentre of retail sales; from restaurants to clothing stores, nightclubs and movie houses, you can enjoy discount prices and rates.

It truly ‘tis the season to be jolly, so while you may not be able to frolic in the snow, you can always enjoy the sun, sea and Santa Claus in Australia during July.

The Winter Garden

Are you a diamond-in-the-rough ice-skating talent that is set to amaze at the next Olympics, or perhaps, Bambi on ice looking to just enjoy a day of relaxed skating? Regardless of your prowess on the ice, the Winter Wonderland is sure to be right up your alley.

This festival, held in June/July each year,will be sure to put any reservations about the possibility of magic firmly to rest. It is held in Fremantle, with entry to the festival being absolutely free. However, some of the activities on offer will require the purchase of tickets.

The attractions that you can look forward to include:

  • Australia’s largest outdoor ice rink
  • Falling snow
  • A titanic pop-up slide
  • Numerous carnival rides
  • A host of music and entertainment for all ages

What’s more, there are a handful of specially selected local Fremantle businesses and food providers that are on hand to serve delectable treats and succulent meals to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Winter Arts Festival

This titanic festival is an enlightening sensory experience. There are displays of art and culture to suit every taste and challenge every imagination. The festival runs for a period of three months, from the beginning of June to August, featuring theatre, music, comedy, cabaret, dance, film, literature, family and visual arts.

Popular favourites at the festival include:

  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle—Black Swan State Theatre’s first international collaboration with the National Theatre of China.
  • Comic Tragics—an exploration of graphic art at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  • The Little Shop of Horrors at His Majesty’s Theatre – A scintillating musica.
  • Winter Arts Bar – An experience featuring multimedia projections and live performances in a tunnel under St Georges Terrace.

If you’re tired of the monotony of modern day life, you owe yourself at least the opportunity to be inspired by new ideas and creative expression.

There’s virtually no excuse not to enjoy your time in Perth in winter, whether long or short, there’s always something to capture your imagination.

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