How to Select the Best Supplier for Corporate AV Hire

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How to Select the Best Supplier for Corporate AV Hire

Whether you’re planning a small conference or a large music or entertainment event, it’s imperative your audio visuals are in check. Quality audio and visuals is one of the first steps to creating an event that’s full of energy and impact and helps to deliver a message that’s effective and memorable. Great event planning is about crafting the perfect atmosphere for guests and potential clientele, but if you don’t find the right audio visual supplier match for your corporate needs, it could end up as a disaster!

The right sound and lighting is the most important aspect of an event or function because of the visually unforgettable impact it creates. Audio visuals give depth and ambience to an event space and plays a massive role in tying everything together. The power of great sound and lighting is often underestimated – so make choosing a reliable AV hire supplier a priority for your next event to give it that ‘wow’ factor it deserves.

Do Your Research

Not every audio visual provider is going to provide the best service for your event so it pays to do your research first. Quality is key to ensure you get the best sound and lighting experience so choose a supplier that has the best equipment for the job. It’s essential you find an AV hire company that has experience in the type of corporate event you’re planning to run and offers a service that’s reliable, accommodating and creatively inspiring. Make sure the supplier you choose provides the highest quality equipment too – you don’t want your microphone to fail midway through a speech, or no visuals showing up on the TV fopr your presentation. Don’t just look at the dollar value and go for the cheapest option – remember, you get what you pay for. You will find companies charge similar rates for equipment but the variation in quality can be dramatic. For reliability and quality assurance, go for suppliers who provide commercial-grade equipment as this quality will really shine through.

Determine Your Event Needs

What event are you actually running? Small business conferences will have very different sound and lighting needs to live music events or corporate functions. Some events will only require a small sound system and LCD projector, whilst other higher-profile events thrive off special effects, large LED video screens and extensive staging, audio, visual and lighting equipment.

You’ll need to weigh up whether you’re just hiring the equipment for the event or if you need a AV technician to operate everything on the day too. Using an outside provider with a qualified technician on hand will ensure the event runs smoothly, and keeps someone on site to prevent and attend to any problems that may arise. Event production and operation can be all the difference between a function that is good to one that’s impressive and memorable.

Know What Essentials to Look Out For

After you determine your event needs, you’re in a better position to find a AV hire company that has all the essentials for the job. Maybe your event requires the latest innovations like digital cinema installations for a highly creative project, production services or digital tools like presentation management and webstreaming services.

A great AV company will offer onsite support, exceptional sound quality and a high level of creativity. They will be able to professionally turn your vision for the event into a reality, offering insight and tips along the way. Their sound and lighting equipment will be of the highest quality and fit for the job. If you require an onsite technician, they will be qualified and able to tackle any problems. Using a good, reputable AV company means havingqualified AV technicians who have extensive experience. There are lots of cowboys out there so be sure you have done your research! A good AV company will be able to provide advice and  suggest an option that is customised to match your specific event needs. Great customer service and 24/7 support is essential too.

Ask the Right Questions

Think of your AV supplier as an investment towards a successful event. Thus, you want to ask the right questions to guarantee you’re getting the best bang for your buck. A reliable company will be transparent in all areas. Ask to see a profile of previous events they have supplied audio visual equipment and services too and check referrals and social media channels (such as Facebook reviews) to find out what other customers have said too.

Find out if the company will be sub-contracting any parts of the provided services and don’t be afraid to ask about the staff’s training, experience and qualifications. Ask to check all equipment before hiring to test everything is in proper working order and whether there’s any cancellation charges or additional fees you need to know about.

Finding the Best Supplier to Leave a Lasting Impression

Hiring the right AV company will do more than create a smoothly running event – it’ll ensure your guests and potential clients leave with a positive lasting impression. Very often event companies sub-hire equipment from AV companies, so why don’t you go straight to the source instead? A good AV company will often be the one-stop-shop you need for small-medium sized corporate events.  Vision, sound and lighting should be thought about as a branding opportunity for your business. No matter what the event size or style, you want people to leave talking about how fantastic the full experience was.

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