How to Create the ‘‘WOW’’ Factor for Your Event or Party

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How to Create the ‘‘WOW’’ Factor for Your Event or Party

Organising a party or event is no mean feat. The planning that goes into making a successful event needs to be meticulous – no great party is ever thrown together at the drop of a hat. It takes careful consideration of all aspects of the event to ensure that all elements work in harmony with one another to creates a spectacular effect, leaving guests feeling like they’ve just experienced the best party in the world!

Here are our top tips for how you can create the ‘‘wow’’ factor for your next party or event.

Quality Sound System

Every awesome party needs a high quality sound system. No-one enjoys an event with poor sound quality. If you don’t own a great sound system yourself, look at hiring some quality speakers or other audio equipment that will result in quality sound for the entire duration of your event. If you go with the cheapest available option you may find that the sound quality deteriorates after a few hours and that wouldn’t go down well with your guests!

Choose Your Colours

If you want to create the ‘‘wow’’ factor for your next event, think carefully about a colour scheme. This really helps to bring a room or venue together and can be followed all the way through from invitations to ‘thank you’ notes. If you really want to make a statement, choosing a single bold colour is very effective and memorable (and actually makes it easier to organise too!).

Mood Lighting

Lighting is essential to any successful event – whether it’s during the day or an evening function. From floodlights, to strobe lights and band stand lights, there is a myriad of lighting options to choose from for any event type. For that extra ‘wow’ effect, get a mirror ball for your dance floor – but check that it’s an appropriate size for the size of your venue or dancefloor. Lighting is essential in setting the mood for your event so make sure it matches the style of event you’re hoping to achieve. Harsh disco and strobe lighting won’t work well for romantic and low key events!

Fun Photo Booth

If you want to add an element of fun and hilarity for your guests, consider hiring a photo booth for the duration of the event. They’re a great way for your guests to create some awesome memories of the function and provide an excellent ‘mingling’ opportunity. You can also get some great props to go along with the photo booth to add an extra sense of fun.

Special Effects Machinery

For that extra special ‘wow’ factor, you can’t beat the use of exciting special effects. Depending on the theme and ambience of the event, you could look at options such as smoke machines, haze machines, dry ice machines, snow machines, CO2 jets, stage flames, search lights and much more. Take a look at our range of special effects equipment available for hire here.

Hire A Marquee

If you’re hosting an outdoor event but don’t want to worry about the weather ruining your plans, a marquee might be a great solution. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your space and add an air of sophistication to any event.

Don’t Forget the Dancefloor

Do you want everyone to get up and dance at your party? After all, isn’t that what parties are for? Decide on a dedicated dance area and for that all important ‘wow’ effect, hire an LED dancefloor. Some are even interactive, which means that they are touch or sound sensitive, changing all the time to create stunning visual effects.

If you’re looking for quality sound and lighting equipment in Perth for your next event or party, then look no further! Mega Vision Sound and Lighting have you covered with all the latest, high quality audio visual and lighting equipment to make sure your party has the ‘wow’ factor! Contact us today for some advice on how to create an event that’ll be one to remember!