7 Top Tips on How to Select the Best Lighting Hire Equipment

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7 Top Tips on How to Select the Best Lighting Hire Equipment

One of the best ways to ensure that your guests enjoy your event is to make your event look and feel inviting. Nothing ruins a party mood more than really harsh lighting or it being so poorly lit they cannot see the party in front of them.

So how can you achieve perfect event lighting? Well, you need to make sure you get the perfect lighting hire equipment to compliment the style of your event.

1. Event Style

There is nothing more disappointing than having lighting that completely mismatches the event style. Think glamourous gala dinner with psychedelic 70s disco lights. Or a winter wonderland themed party with orange flashing lights. It just doesn’t work. Whether you’re going for elegant or big and bold, make sure you really think about the style of the event. The lighting equipment needs to compliment it.

2. What do you want to achieve?

Do you have an idea in mind of the effect you are wanting? If so, be sure to tell your party lighting hire company. They will be able to recommend the right light for the night. If not, don’t worry, that’s what they are there for! Popular lighting options include LED Par cans, LED FX lights, water effects lights and pinspots for mirrorballs. If you want to hire lighting equipment, these are just some of the many options that will be available to you.

3. 5 or 50?

When it comes to choosing lighting hire equipment, be sure you choose the lighting that suits the age of people attending your party! 80 year olds most likely won’t want strobe lighting (!) and teenagers may want cool coloured FX lights at their party. So keep your guests in mind when you want to hire party lighting!

4. Old school or high-tech

If you want an old style lighting look, then par can lights might be the way to go. They are a cheaper option and provide a soft edged, unfocussed area of light that can be coloured with the use of coloured gel sheets. These might be good for a vintage style wedding. If you want more vibrant colours, then consider LED lights. They have much less power consumption and are more visible than conventional lighting under daylight.

5. Mood Lighting

Be sure you can control your lighting so you can control the level of illumination as the natural light changes and the evening progresses.

6. Add flair

Add flair to any celebration with exciting special effects (FX). There is a wide range of special FX machines to hire and these will create a seriously impressive impact on your guests. Why not hire a smoke machine? You will be able to see the rays of coloured light through the plumes of smoke which creates a real ‘wow’ effect. So to really enhance your guests’ experience, add flair with some innovative lighting and special fx!

7. Customise

If you are having a corporate event, consider using lighting as a way to incorporate the company’s brand colours and logo. Gobos can project the company’s logo and LED uplighting can be used to colour theme the walls. For a wedding, consider customising gobos with the initials of the married couple and have these as a slow moving projection around the room. There are so many ways you can customise so don’t limit yourself.

Lighting is a great way to transform your event space into something special. Good lighting can often make or break the atmosphere of your event. So be sure to use these 7 top tips when you need to select the best lighting hire equipment!