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Stage flame at event
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The new  Stage Flame is the flame system of today!

The Stage Flame allows the user to use aerosol cannisters or propane gas from a gas bottle. With a 500g aerosol cannister you can produce 200 flames! The ouptput of standard Flames (with an aerosol can or propane gas) is approx. 4m. high. The Stage Flame also has a big-flame mode for flames up to 8m. The Stage Flame is DMX controllable and designed for professional use.

This stage flame FX machine creates real flames and is used for application at theatre productions, music festivals, large DJ gigs, shows, game night productions for sports event, shows, product launches, and any other event wanting some wow factor.

Want other special effects? We have a wide range of special fx for hire, including CO2 Jets, the Kabuki  ‘Power Drop’  as we as smoke machines, snow machines, bubble machines and more.

Not sure what you need? Simply contact our friendly team and we will be happy to assist you. We can suggest various special FX options based on your event requirements and budget.

We offer delivery, set up and pack down services if required. Simply let us know and we can happily provide a quote for you.

*Machine to be operated by an experienced technician

SIZE (LXWXH) 36x31x21cm
CHANNELS 1 safety and 2 fire channels (normal flame / big flame)
CONSUMPTION Spray Cans / Propane Gas Bottle
CAPACITY Spray Can – 200 flame balls / Gas Bottle > 1000 flames