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Current Price $40.00

The best way to make your event go off with a BANG! Our handheld disposable streamer cannons are the ultimate party poppers. Simply point and twist to fire a trail of streamers high into the air! Made from eco-friendly paper, many people prefer these streamers to handheld confetti cannons as they are MUCH easier to clean up once the party is over!

These Handheld Disposable Streamer Cannons make for a fantastic effect outside or in high-clearance indoor spaces – it is best if you have a high ceiling room so they have enough clearance to trail (that way you get the best effect!) These simple to operate, manually-fired cannons deliver an impressive effect for a surprisingly low cost.

Want to make a statement? Want to create an impact? These handheld disposable streamer cannons are the way to do it!

Perfect for New Year’s Eve events,¬†weddings, product launches, festivals, parties and any event with a big reveal moment or a countdown!

50cm long



One use only

Simple to operate, manually-fired