DJ Strobe 80W SF-80


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Current Price $16.50

This DJ strobe 80W SF-80 is an ideal strobe light for DJ gigs at small venues or house parties.

If you want to hire a strobe light, then this strobe will pack a brilliant, blinding white punch.

The flash is variable and the light comes in lightweight plastic housing.

So if you want to hire a DJ strobe light, contact Mega Vision today and we will happily assist. We have a range of strobe lights¬†for hire as well as other FX lighting for hire. We also have Perth’s widest range of special effects machines for hire, including smoke machines, bubble machines, snow machines, haze machines and more.

Output Flash Power: 80W
Flash Rate: 1-18fps
Signal Connector: 6.35mm mono jack
Control Mode: SF-01 CX remote
Fuse: T1A/250V
Power Consumption: 50W