Jands Stage CL LED Controller

Jands Stage CL LED Lighting Controller
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Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights, the Jands Stage CL LED Controller gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use.
If you’re running a small lighting rig in a club, as a rental, or in a retail space, you’ve probably upgraded to LED lights. Modern LEDs can produce any colour without the need for filters, so you can produce fantastic combinations of colours with just a few lights.
Sounds great, but you’ve probably noticed that when it comes to choosing a control console most of the ones available either aren’t designed to control colour and intensity or are way more complicated (and expensive) than required.
This is why Jands have created the Stage CL.
The Stage CL literally is made for LEDs – many people using LED lights were only getting a fraction of the power and flexibility these lights offer, so the Jands Stage CL LED Controller gives you all the manual controls and automation you need to get the most out of your LEDs. Best of all, it’s so easy to use you don’t need to be a lighting expert to run it.

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Simple intuitive interface – easy to operate shows on-the-fly

Individual channel controls

Save and recall your favorite looks at the push of a button.

Pre-program your consoles with standard looks and special effects for your event

Easy to use, just about anyone can operate it



USB: Two Type A High Speed

Ethernet: 100Mbit RJ45

Dimensions: 520mm x 300mm x 70mm

Weight: 4.5kg