Chamsys MagicQ Playback Wing

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Current Price $154.00

Extend your MagicQ Lighting Console with the Chamsys MagicQ Playback Wing. The Chamsys MagicQ Playback Wing has two banks of 12 Playbacks, each individually paged. The MagicQ Playback Wings connect to MagicQ Consoles via USB. No extra software required, just connect the Wing to the Console, enable the wing in the Console options and the Playbacks are ready to control your show.

The Chamsys MagicQ Playback Wing can be used on MagicQ PC systems together with MagicQ Mini, Maxi or standard PC Wings using the same MagicQ PC software.
Supported by MQ40, MQ60, MQ70, MQ100, MQ200, MQ300 series consoles.

This unit can be hired as a component of our Chamsys MagicQ100 Lighting Console.

24 Playback Faders
24 Flash, Go/Back , Select Buttons
Full Electronic Legending
Connect to MagicQ Consoles
Connect to MagicQ PC or Mac
Up to 8 Wings per System
Dual Playback Sections
Split Playback Pages
Separate Page Up/Down Buttons
USB Connection
Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
Armrest Storage Compartment
Designed and manufactured in the UK