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Current Price $220.00

The ROBE Robin MMX Spot is a new technology discharge fixture that has similar light output to most existing 1200W luminaires. The unit is based on the all new Robin advanced technology design that provides brighter, more efficient, physically lighter and smaller fixtures than previously possible. The ROBE Robin MMX Spot MMX includes the Robe exclusive Hot-Spot lamp control feature that allows remote adjustment of flat beam uniformity or power beam hot-spot.

Key feature of the ROBE Robin MMX Spot is the ‘Dual Graphics Wheel’ – 2 fully controllable contra-rotating plates that can be positioned anywhere across the light path to produce unique visual effects.

Fixture total lumen output: 26141 lm
Dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light efficiency
Beam angle: Zoom range: 8.5ø 46.5ø (8.5ø 42.5ø for gobo, 9.8ø 46.5ø for open hole)