FBT 5″ Powered Speaker

FBT 5 Speaker
FBT 5 Speaker

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With an elegant design that blends into any decor, this FBT 5″ Powered Speaker is suitable for use trade show booths, corporate meetings, as a band PA, in small theatres, conference rooms, schools as well as gyms and churches and for background music.

This FBT Jolly 5A speaker is made by the world-renowned Italian-made FBT brand and is wonderfully lightweight.  It has a 2-way design incorporating a 5inch low frequency woofer and a 1 inch Mylar diaphragm dome tweeter. This speaker provide high fidelity sound for both speech and music applications with a maximum SPL of 113dB. The front face steel grille protects the speaker from external damage.
The ampliified Jolly 5A active speaker also features a 70 wayy RMS amp.

The FBT 5″ Powered Speaker can be used for both portable and fixed applications and can be easily mounted on speaker stands.

Low Frequency Woofer : 5 / 1 coil
High Frequency Driver : 1″ dome  tweeter with a  0.75″ coil
Input Connectors : 1 x Jack / terminal strip
Width : 6.69 inch
Height : 10.82 inch
Depth : 7.08 inch
Weight : 7.49 lbs
Enclosure Material : Polypropylene
Steel grille with black finish