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Current Price $115.00

The 1800watt Speaker Package is an all-inclusive package perfect for events & parties. Containing two of the prestigious Italian-made FBT powered speakers, you can expect a portable, reliable, great sounding and diverse speaker set!

Suitable for all types of parties and all you need to supply is your iPhone*, iPod, laptop or tablet with all your music on. Simply plug and play and your music will be pumping for hours! As these FBT speakers are commercial-grade, they are designed for delivering high quality audio at high volumes for hours.

Suitable for parties/events with 300 or less people attending. They are even suitable for event of only 50 people. Very easy to set up, this speaker package for hire is compact and ultimate value for money.

Key Features:

  • Commercial-grade FBT speakers (900watts each)
  • Versatile – suitable for events of 50-300 people
  • Easy to set up
  • Simply plug and play – play music from your phone/iPod/tablet/laptop
  • Suits a wide variety of event applications – parties, presentations, speeches, weddings, etc
  • Value for Money – only $150 for all the equipment!

If you need a microphone for speeches, no worries! We can simply add a microphone to this speaker package, starting from only $16.50.

Consider adding:
Party Lights – amp up the party vibe with some coloured FX lights – from $22
Smoke Machine – take it up a notch and maximize your party impact and party fun – from $38.50
Mirrorball – nothing beats having a dance under the retro mirrorball – from $11

*Note, the leads we provide to connect to your iPhone will not be compatible with iPhone 7 or any iPhone with a lightning input instead of a normal a headphone input

2 x FBT 14″ Powered Speakers (900watts each)
2 x Heavy Duty Speaker Stands
1 x 6 Channel Mixer (can plug in iPhone/iPod, Laptop, Tablet)
Leads to suit

** You need to supply your own device **