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Current Price $115.00

The 1800 watt Speaker Package is an all-inclusive package perfect for events & parties.

Suitable for events of 50-200 people.

Easy to operate.

All you need is your iPhone, iPod, Laptop or tablet with your music.

Key Features:

  • Delivers high quality audio at high volumes for hours
  • 2 x Commercial-grade FBT speakers (900 watt each)
  • Portable
  • Reliable
  • Suitable for parties, presentations, speeches, weddings etc.

If you need a microphone for speeches, no worries! We can simply add a microphone to this speaker package, starting from only $16.50.

Consider adding:
Party Lights – amp up the party vibe with some coloured FX lights – from $22
Smoke Machine – take it up a notch and maximize your party impact and party fun – from $38.50
Mirrorball – nothing beats having a dance under the retro mirror ball – from $11

*Note, the leads we provide to connect to your iPhone will not be compatible with iPhone 7 or any iPhone with a lightning input instead of a normal a headphone input

2 x 14″ FBT Speakers (900W each)
1 x Small Analogue Mixer
1 x Leads Pack including 3.5mm to twin jack
2 x Speaker Stands
1 x Wired Microphone

** You need to supply your own device **