QSC GX7 Amplifier

qsc gx7 aMP 2 (Small)
QSC GX7 7 Amplifier (Small)

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The QSC GX7 amplifier is ideal for professional applications where require maximum performance and portability is required. Professional audio quality, meticulous engineering, precision manufacturing and long-term reliability are all intrinsic to this GX7 amplifier.

The QSC GX7 amplifier  is a powered amplifier perfect for professional musicians, DJ’s and entertainers. It is a lightweight amp that really packs a punch with 1,000-watt power  giving your speakers the power they need while giving you the efficiency and protective features you want for easy operation and peace of mind.

The GX7 uses advanced components for both light weight and reliability. Its Guardrail protection allows delivery of peak power while preventing overloads. It’s equipped with a crossover switch, so adding a subwoofer to your system is a snap.

This is a very popular amplifier for good reason – lightweight, high performance and high output! Hire today!

8 ohms / 1 kHz (both channels driven) : 725 W
8 ohms / 1 kHz (single channel driven) : 800 W
4 ohms / 1 kHz (both channels driven) : 1000 W
4 ohms / 1 kHz (single channel driven) : 1200 W

Distortion (1 dB below rated power, 1 kHz) : 8 ohms: less than 0.02%, 4 ohms: less than 0.05%
Signal to Noise (20 Hz – 20 kHz) : 100 dB
Input Sensitivity : 1.2 V rms
Voltage Gain : 36.1 dB
Output Circuitry : 2-tier Class H
Inputs: XLR, 1/4″ TRS and phono.
Outputs: Speakon combo and binding posts.