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Lab Gruppen FP6000Q Amp 2 (Small)
Lab Gruppen FP6000Q Amp (Small)

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This Lab Gruppen FP6000Q amplifier is the sister to the flagship FP 10000Q four channel model. This FP 6000q is a 6000watt 4 channel amplifier (4 x 1500w @ 2 ohms) in only 2U.
With four channels in one cabinet, it has flexibility and is regularly used in powering monitor systems, line arrays and bi or tri-amped systems. It has adjacent channels which are bridgeable for 2 or 3 channel operation.
This FP6000q amp has the impeccable sonic performance standards of the original FP series, with the same durability and even greater efficiency.
With an efficient cooling system, this amplifier can dissipate more heat to allow extended peak output (read, it can go all night long!)
It is NomadLink network ready – monitoring and control of key functions is accessible by the intuitive Device Control software and the robust daisy chained NomadLink network.
Contributing to the remarkable efficiency of the FP 6000Q is a Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™), which gives the added benefit of stabilizing rail voltages to the output even with wide fluctuations of mains voltage. A highly refined and updated circuit layout optimizes the interaction of R.SMPS and Class TD to produce the extraordinary power and channel density of the FP 6000Q.

• 4 channels
• Peak total output all channels driven: 10,000W
• Input connectors (per channel): 3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
• Impeccable sonic performance standards
• NomadLink® network ready
• Patented Class TD amplifier topology
• Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS)
• Efficient cooling system
• Adjustable parameters – Selectable Gain, scalable Voltage Peak Limiter etc
• Comprehensive protection and warning
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 483mm x 88mm x 396mm
• Weight: 12kg
• Black finish